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Chester Cheetos can’t escape being exposed for Trans Fat.

By on July 14, 2008

After my Skippy experience I decided to go to my local grocery store and check out what other foods may have trans fat in them but are lying on the label. So I bought a basket full these products…and Cheetoes tops my list for today’s video.

April's Fitness Journey says:

Hey I don’t have the attention span of a gnat!! Perhaps the person who told you this is simply not as captivating as you!!!

Thanks again Rocco!! You know I found in the all natural/organic isle of the grocery store something like cheetos but not. Perhaps one day you could take a walk down one of these isles and tell me if we are also being fooled by the natural/organic people that we feel safe with.

Ashaloo says:

Ha ha! Yay for the attention span of a gnat. Thanks for these videos. I wish more people could see them. I am just as picky about the juice i drink. If it says concentrate or high fructose corn syrup, I’m outta there.

I look forward to your daily find so I know what to steer clear of.