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Can Anyone Tell Me the Benefits of Being Fat?

By on March 17, 2009

When I receive the onslaught of e-mails like I have in regards to yesterday’s blog post condemning me to Hell and parts unknown, I have to ask one question;” What really are the benefits of being Fat?”

It seems like a logical question being that I get haters by the dozens telling me what a harsh son of a bitch I am. That I should die…even though they might be two pie slices away from a heart attack. It doesn’t make sense to me that Fat people and thin people who have taken up the fat people’s cause would curse the day I was born but can’t give me any real “benefit” to why being fat is such a great status symbol that they should be accepted, tolerated and given special treatment.

When someone can give me a real answer and not something that poses as an idiotic excuse for comedy like, “When your fat you can wear sweatpants to a restaurant and no one cares”. Yep…brilliance on parade here…or even more stupid, “You can always get your money’s worth at the all-you-can-eat-buffet”. Yep, I’m laughing so hard I’m peeing my pants.

If you can find any benefits which I don’t think you can…then what the hell is taking you so long to get your shit together?

As I wrote in the other post, this gets me so mad! People piss away the chance to live a full, healthy, energetic life…

Listen, there are people that would KILL to have your health and your opportunities, and you waste this away… just like that., by ruining the perfect healthy bodies that God has given you.

That is indeed so, so stupid.

Fat people are harder to kidnap!

Isaiah says:

As a fellow fitness professional specializing in fat loss, I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m glad someone is putting the hardcore truth out there as well. I was recently slapped in the face with your “fat people are stupid” saying when our boot camp was working outside of our studio one evening, and the owner of a nearby Italian restaurant came out & asked us to move somewhere else b/c one of his customers was “offended” that they could see us exercising outside!
I had no idea that people trying to get in shape (the folks in my boot camp aren’t fitness models by any stretch, just every day people w/ weight issues) and live longer, healthier lives, actually offended fat people!
Thanks for speaking the truth, and keep it up! Ignore the haters!

Liz Donnelly says:

Benefits of being fat:
1. Meeting my maker sooner
2. At parties: rubbing thighs while rubbing elbows
3. Elastic waist bands
4. Only need to wear light jackets in winter
5. The potential to lose 30 in 30