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Caitlyn Jenner: Courage? Go f**k yourself!

By on July 17, 2015
caitlyn jenner crying at the espys

I don’t think I can tell you how many times I have thrown up in my mouth reading all the bullshit progressive articles about Bruce “Call me Cait” Jenner’s, oh I’m sorry, Caitlyn Jenner’s acceptance speech. I am absolutely appalled that ESPN would be this disengaged from their audience. It’s fucking amazing. Let me tell you, cutting your dick and balls off (still to be determined)… replacing it with a hole, taking estrogen and growing your hair out does not a recipient of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award make. If you want to live your life as a women, believing that’s what you were this whole time doesn’t take courage. If you were a regular citizen that got a sex change operation which is still up for debate, (Vanity Fair said no gender reassignment surgery but other sources say yes) no one would say you were courageous… you would be another man who underwent transgender surgeries.

You didn’t run through bullets and bombs to pull your buddy’s out of harm’s way. You didn’t overcome cancer and win the Superbowl. You didn’t run a marathon with no fucking legs… you got plastic surgery to look more feminine, grew your hair out and injected yourself with estrogen and wear Versace. Courage?

If you weren’t Bruce Jenner, emasculated and feminized you would mean nothing to the world, especially when it came to courage. I totally understand and except the fact that there may be women inside male bodies and men inside female bodies. Ok… do what you have to do to make that right in your own mind and body but don’t tell me that takes courage and you deserve an award for it.  It doesn’t make sense. Give me a fucking break. I guess living with all that estrogen around, turned you… and turned you hard. The whole Kardashian clan showed you the Diva ropes and decided to cash in.

We all know, or should all know that this was a public relations stunt that the idiots at Disney, the people who own NBC and ESPN, thought would help promote the television properties during a “so-called” much anticipated docuseries called “I am Cait”. Do I hear “jumping the shark” freak show. It’s not even on yet and it’s already jumping the shark.

caitlyn jenner Isn’t this award for people that actually did something to get it… in sports or other courageous feats. I don’t remember “Bruce” cutting off his balls during the Decathlon in 1976 and finishing the Olympics. Oh, that’s right he didn’t… he accepted his gold medal with balls intact on the podium.

I’m really not sure if anyone has noticed this but he has gone 65 fucking years as a man… and finally realized that it’s a good time to chop off all his manhood and become a woman. If I was struggling with this in my 30’s… guess what? I would have given myself a little more time to be what I should be. Not at 65… you are now too old to really enjoy your life as a woman.  Please don’t even tell me that took courage because I feel another wave of vomit forming.

To set the record straight, I’m not against transgender or people who find themselves the opposite sex trapped in their bodies. It does take courage to find yourself in who you really are but you should not ever receive a “courage” award for doing so. Not when Pete Rose isn’t in the Hall of Fame… ok, I’m kidding there… but courage is about doing extraordinary things against the odds. Caitlyn “Bruce” Jenner does not qualify.