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Boot Camp at D1 Sports Training…Chattanooga

By on March 6, 2008

Today I hit the ground running at 5:00am…I’m just tired thinking about that. I didn’t arrive in Chattanooga, TN until 12:30am and I had a television interveiw with Joe Legge of Channel 12, WDEP Chattanooga at 6:20 am. No problem. I checked out D1 Sports Training on Commons Blvd and it’s an awesome facility. Although the manager, Cos Demateo is hanging out getting sun burned in Hawaii, Cameron Russell and Rachael orientated me with the facility. Cameron happens to be Peyton Manning’s personal trainer and he’s good. When you’re down Chattanooga way check him out. I’m gearing up for my “askROCCO Uncensored Volume 1” book signing at Books-a-Million at 2020 Gunbarrel Road, right down the street from D1 Sports Training.