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BodyRockTV: Zuzanna teaches us to count

By on July 5, 2010

This is absolutely classic fitness stupidity. BodyRockTV has over 6 million views on this video alone and I would have to believe that it isn’t because Zuzanna has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training. She is abundant in something but I can’t really put my finger… um… hands… can’t take my eyes off of… well who needs to know how to count when you have assets like these.

By the way, did I tell you this is a really intense butt and leg workout!

I can hear the bbbboinggggg!!!!! of woody’s popping up in 13 year old… ok… 30 year old pants across America. It just goes to show you get a nice pair of breasts, keep them barely wrangled in and have a Russian/ Ukrainian accent and you can dispense fitness advice to over 6 million people.

Zuzanna… I hope you can get that balancing act thing down before your next video… I know how it can be when you trying to lean forward with all “that” going for you. Oh and your triceps happen to “not” be a pulling muscle… you may have meant… and this is a stretch here… biceps, but who am I.

When you stop laughing at this incredible lack of fitness knowledge please take a look at a real fitness program to lose weight fast.

Eric Moss says:

Nice assets. Not the best counter in the world but I have seen worse.

Nii Wilson says:

Thanks for the video Rocco. I was waiting for you to get on this one. No doubt that some of her workouts are insane but when I first came across this website months ago I was wondering if there were more guys watching this than women. The truth is sex sells and the sad thing is if she and Cosgrove lived in NYC they may probably pick her just bcuz she has sex appeal and will get more views versus relevant info or a published author that gets results quickly.

Dale says:

I don’t care what the exercise works, LOL… I did not even here her voice. Was she talking?