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Body by Jake Tower 200 – Is Jake making a coming back?

By on October 28, 2009

jake-steinfeldHe’s been out of the spotlight for a while but Jake Steinfeld, the Jake behind “Body by Jake” has come back to what he knows best… selling direct response fitness products!  Many of us in the fitness industry have believed that Jake and his kind had disappeared because the public actually caught on to the bullshit that was being peddled.

I guess some of Jake’s handler’s thought it was enough time for the bullshit dust cloud to settle and most people would forget that they bought the piece of shit known as the “Hip and Thigh Sculptor” or “The Body by Jake… Cardio Cruiser” and sold it at a garage sale for five dollars… in the box “as new”.

Now Jake has recruited one tough “MoFo”, MMA fighter, Randy Couture to help sell his new “Body by Jake” Tower 200.  The commercial says if “you have a door.. you got a gym” and you can get a great workout. I say if you have a door someone should through you out of the f@#kin’ thing if you buy this “Rack Full of Rubber Bands”.  I don’t care how tough Randy Couture is… I know that he didn’t spend 5 seconds on the Tower 200.

Whomever is behind this wanted you to know that there is a “steel frame” (because everything else that “Body by Jake sold you was made of plastic)  and includes a drop down “Wall Chart” just to make sure you know how to perform all the exercises you won’t be doing on this apparatus.

I have to give it to the producers of this commercial…it is much slicker, way tougher and obviously Jake is trying to go after the male fitness population.  Good try Jake, but … really…stop it!

Michael says:

Personally, I see both sides…I haven’t used it yet, but want to take it for a test drive. I believe it might serve as an alternative to some degree. The obviuos question is how durable is it? And is Jake trying to over come his past line of crappy products?

Ken says:

Hey Justin, when ur band snapped…do you mean the plastic tip of it or the actually band itself? And also did it hurt you when the band popped? And one last thing, I live in a place where I wont be able to leave this on the door, so is there a proper way to store it once pulled off the door?

Justin says:

Hey everyone I got the tower 200 4 months ago and I have a sincere review. First off, let me say that without the proper nutrition you will never achieve the results you want. I’m not and will never be a body builder type, nor do I want to be! This is a perfect piece of equipment to add to any fitness program! Ok so, as far as the range of quality exercises, I have discovered even more than the workout chart and DVD’s have. As for the resistance bands, I think they are perfect for my fitness level. Obviously if you wanna be a meat head this is not for you, but as far as quality I would give it an 8 out of 10, only because I use it 6 days per week and work out on it for at least 30 minutes per day as “part” of my exercise routine! The bands wore a bit on me, but were still good, though I did get replacement bands and one of the plastic loops broke on me causing me to change out the bands and honestly if you have to change one pair you kind of have to change them all cuz they won’t be evenly worn. I wish the band connection loops were metal and that the handle grips were better quality, but other than that it has been awesome and I have increased muscle mass significantly and people, especially girls, have noticed the results and I almost have my six pack back! As far as the workout DVD’s if you think you’re gonna see results by working out 10 minutes per day, you’re dreaming, but if you use those as a guide and step up the workouts, this can deliver any gym exercise you will need to get in shape!

I would say it’s worth the price and worth the commitment!

Guido4LIfe says:

So you review a product and have never used it. Great review. Your a tool. Couture never claimed to have used the tower 200. He did develop a series of MMA type exercises for the Tower 200. How can you be jealous of jake? Your review is not really a review but just a mindless stab at Jake and his products. Cord/Resistance training does work. Go back to being a stunt double for the Jersey Shore.

I didn’t want to review the product. I just wanted to pose the question… “is Jake making a comeback?” Obviously your screen name says it all… thanks for the comment.