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BMI…and the stupidity of the media

By on April 18, 2008

I was scheduled to be a guest on Eddie & Tracy’s Show on 700WLW, Cincinnati, OH, Tuesday, April 22 (recorded at 2pm) but I decided to cancel my appearance. After listening to the unbelievable display of stupidity exhibited on today’s show I just couldn’t be on the show. I stood listening on the phone to a 22 minute argument that 1) made Tracy look like an absolute idiot 2) had no information or entertainment value 3) didn’t properly establish the main objective; which was to discuss BMI.

Then to have Tracy cow tow to the Fat population and say that calling people fat is insulting is ridiculous. What are these people “lipidly challenged”. Just to clue you in Tracy…BMI is the worst measurement of fitness levels out there. If you would have actually taken calls by people educated in the realm of BMI and not letting some idiotic Ph.D and a fat woman from Indianapolis argue for over 22 minutes you may have been able to help educate your listenership. The Body Mass index is an extremely skewed research tool because it only takes into account actual mass of the body and not body fat to lean mass ratio. For example: I’m 5’9” 225 lbs my BMI is 33.5, yes if Dr. Fucknuts were including me in his survey than it would show that I’m obese. Well, I’m not, I happen to have 14 percent body fat, cholesterol of 125, and BP 118/78. To talk about BMI as a fitness instrument is like trying to sell pecans to a peanut grower. It’s just not an intelligent conversation.

While I’m at it. Although I believe that the good doctor you had on today needed extensive amounts of media training. I don’t disagree with him about using a sort of ridicule to a certain population to get them off their ass. You will never change a fat mentality until the fat man changes his attitude. Next time get to the phones so you don’t embarrass yourself.