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Attract Clients for Your Fitness Business with No Money

By on July 29, 2013

cash-toiletYou are most likely throwing away cash trying to generate high quality clients through avenues like pay per click ads, SEO marketing, Facebook ads, and banner ads. Holy Shit!  Chances are you’re going to hurt yourself in the long run and your business can actually decline rather than grow. What’s happening in today’s marketplace is that most businesses that have a lot of money will waste it on the very things mentioned above, and, if you think about it, your client doesn’t wake up every morning thinking about clicking a link or ad wanting to start a relationship with you.  They don’t meander over to Google and type in “let’s start a relationship with so and so”… and watch all the pretty links on the side show up.

transactionWe live in a society today where “a connection” is way more valuable than “a transaction”. People want to connect to and with each other.  Your customers are using social media and many other types of tools to do just that and are building relationships with friends, relatives and yes, businesses. What once was transactional has now become engagement… and most of us as business owners are not seeing that, nor are we trying to capitalize on it. What we’re trying to do is force customers to do business with us by throwing a whole of money at them… without them knowing it.

social-media-billboardImagine this for a situation… you connect with a client, whether it’s on your website, on a social media website, or on your blog, and you develop a relationship with them through educating them about something you’re an expert in, engaging in awesome conversation about a common interest or just having fun bantering back and forth.  You have now gained their trust and most likely have them like you. When they like you more often than not, they will feel comfortable doing business with you.

facebook-engagementThere’s a fundamental shift that’s happening right now and Social Media has played a very important role in the way customers engage a business and more specifically a fitness business. Most fitness Businesses are personality driven and many of you out there don’t know that. Your personality, your philosophies and your knowledge is what really drives your business. The best way to attract customers is to engage them using all three of those characteristics when you are creating content for your Facebook Fan Page, Blog, or Website… and more importantly, your message needs to be constructed so your customer will want to engage with you and your business.  Customers make the connection with your business through you, your philosophy, personality and knowledge… so that’s what you need to be putting out there for all the world to see.

In fact, in today’s marketplace you need to be creating “content” that your clients or potential clients would want to share. That’s right! If someone comes to your blog read’s an awesome post and says ‘Wow. This was very informative”, and leaves a comment or thinks it would be something a friend would like and went on Facebook to share it… you have just gained a fan.  Nowadays people want to see that you care about them, that you have put in the time to want to help them, inform them or just have fun with them. If you view your customer as a transaction, you will most likely lose them to a friendlier and more engaging fitness business.

If you put in the work, and create content that’s not generic cookie cutter shit, but shareable and engagement oriented, like posing a controversial question on your Facebook Page or talk about things that create a buzz on your blog… your message in the guise of your personality, philosophy and knowledge will get out.  People will then want to hear you, read you and buy from you.

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Do you think you need less money or more money to attract the right type of clients? I promise you, if you can hustle and create the right type of content that keeps your customers engaged with you, you’re going to need less money to market to more customers.

Nice article…I feel much better now not wasting time investing in facebook ads and google adwords, etc

Sheila Holmes says:

Thank you.