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Thank You for registering for our Dominate or Disappear Workshop

We look forward to talking to you and by the way you just made the best decision of your life. A full day with us will set you up for success for the rest of 2013 and all of 2014.
Before you leave I want to share with you a quick story. This story had a big impact on my life and made me see life differently and was eventually a key to my success.


It’s called the Lion and the Water

lion-waterOnce upon a time, there was a lion that strayed away from the jungle where he lived, and found himself lost in a desert. He walked on and on in this arid land, becoming thirstier and thirstier. Finally, he saw a pool of water.


“At last!” he thought, “I can quench my thirst. He ran towards the pool, but as he lowered his head to drink there was another lion already in the pool!

The lion quickly retreated. When he tried to approach the pool again, once more the fearsome lion stared up at him. Back and forwards he went, thirstier and thirstier but the other lion always barred his way.

Finally he marched straight up to the water’s edge thinking, “I don’t care about the other lion, or how fierce he is. I must drink to survive!” he plunged his head straight into the water and began to drink. As he did, the other lion disappeared and he was able to drink his water in peace.

What is the meaning of this story to you? Think about it.

From my perspective the lion initially wasted a lot of energy and had little self awareness about the situation. He ran away instead of facing up to the challenge he had encountered. Everything is not always what it appears to be.

It also tells the story of risk-taking and having choices. When you have the right choices you don’t have to make decisions based on fear like the lion made even though it was the right outcome.

If you are afraid, worried about paying the bills or not growing fast enough I want to help you break through the fear and pain you experiencing.

After our $97 workshop is complete I have time to talk to only 5 fitness trainers one on one, face to face to help you break down specific problems that are holding you back and give you a specific roadmap to grow your business.

I will work with you personally one-on-one for 1 hour only and we will do the following:

1. Ask you a unique set of 15 questions that will help us pinpoint the one specific problem in your business. Most time you may be working on the wrong problem but we will uncover the real problem to fix now

2. We will brainstorm and give you multiple options to solve your biggest business challenge

3. We will help you select the right solution. The one that will take into account how much of resources you have time and any other constraints that will hold you back

4. We will create a plan for you so that you take action and set yourself for success

5. Finally we will be able to create a follow up plan to make sure you take that action. We will hold you accountable.

I charge over $297 an hour for a consultation.

So we will have two brains working on your business in one hour. This session is worth over $594.
But since we going to be at the conference and does not require any more time from us we are happy to invest in your business so that you will grow and add new customers and cash to your bottom line.
The price for this one hour consultation is $197. That’s right it will be $294 less the $97 you paid to attend the conference.

Right now we can only talk to 5 attendees after the conference and then have to head back home to catch our flights.

I am so confident we can help you that I am willing to offer a guarantee on this.

After the one hour consultation you don’t believe the solution is worth at least $20,000 to you just ask for a refund. You don’t pay a dime and there are no hard feelings, the entire consultation will be on us.

Take advantage of this right now. There are only 5 spots available.