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Rocco Speaking at one of his Branding Summits

Rocco Speaking at one of his Branding Summits

I get calls and emails from fitness professionals all over the world asking me how much it would cost for me to work with them…

and I usually ask them… how much would it be worth to you be able to have absolute “Peace of Mind”… knowing that every decision you make, is the right one. Knowing that you can never make a wrong decision again? How much?

… Most fitness pros either don’t have the money because they are broke listening to “Marketing Gurus” and other “Bullshit” Masterminds or they just don’t understand the mindset and implementation of business strategies needed to keep them moving forward. Forward momentum is the key to any successful business… and in order to keep forward momentum you  need to make the right decisions in the planning, implementation and training of yourself and your staff.

Many of us that start out in this industry have absolutely no right starting a business… we don’t have the business background, the business education and most of the time the capitalization (funds) necessary to create a successful fitness entity… but we still push forward with the “I can fuckin’ do it” attitude.  Then something happens… we wake up and ask the same question 10, 000 other fitness pros ask… “What the fuck am I doing?”

askROCCO Media was built because no one should have to ask “What the Fuck am I doing?”  ever again.  Rocco Castellano has 32 years in the fitness industry and has been on the front lines influencing many of the biggest fitness brands decisions… he is a self proclaimed, business therapist and mechanic… and is here to make sure you are absolutely successful.

Every one of the fitness pros that have been involved with askROCCO Media coaching understand that Rocco personally will not stop helping you until YOU have become as successful as you want to be… that’s right… your success is his success!

There is a “Fitness Business Success Guru” who states: “I’d demand $3,000/hour (average of $36,000) to sit with you for a couple weeks in an office… and to be there for every question or concern that you may have about your business.”  but he also states: “Now that I am financially free, I want to help others who are in the same position that I was once in. I want to help YOU earn the multiple six and seven figure income that you deserve.” … really? 

The path to “REAL” success has nothing to do with “Renegade Marketing Formulas”, Online Automation or Outsourcing.  The SECRET to REAL Success has everything to understanding how you make decisions and how those decisions create a ripple effect in all of your relationships… personal and business. 

Through askROCCO Media (held personally by Rocco Castellano) very exclusive Coaching Groups (click here to apply) you will learn what it takes to be a Powerful Fitness Brand through a process called… Executive Mindset Coaching

Executive Mindset Coaching specifically takes you out of your dysfunctional, blue collar mindset of basing every decision on emotion, fear, guilt or shame and using simple tools to only base any decision on the facts according to information provided.  This process gives you “real” freedom to move forward in your business and personal relationships with out the usual hiccups or challenges you are used to facing everyday.

Apply now to reserve your place in history!