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Are you the Richest Man in town?

By on June 24, 2008

If you know me you understand that I’m a huge fan of Mac Anderson. Mac was part of the reason the “Successories” line of motivational products was very popular. The posters he created would have one word like “Achievement” and a photo of a man climbing Mt. Everest. You can see these motivational pieces in many offices and fitness centers. Mac created a company called Simple Truths that produces inspirational books and short movies that can be bought or viewed on the web at I received an e-mail from Mac Anderson about a new movie he has produced called “The Richest Man in Town”. It’s based on an obscure book that I had read a couple of years back by an author named VJ Smith. The book is about a man named Marty who worked at Wal-Mart and treated everyone with kind words and respect.

Most of the time we go through life and don’t realize the impact we make on the world. As small as you may think your world is doesn’t matter, because someone in your small world has been impacted by your actions…good or bad. Take a moment to watch this movie and see how you’re impacting lives in your world.