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Pure Inspiration… an interview with IYCA Founder Brian Grasso

By on April 6, 2009

brian-grasso-rocco-castellanoUnimposing as he stands discussing today’s condition of our world’s youth but a man with relevant purpose and bigger then life presence. Brian Grasso is not aggressive in his message as he is soft spoken and stands in a quiet demeanor listening more then he speaks. Each of his words are chosen to communicate his and the IYCA’s mission… to teach fitness professionals fundamentals in youth conditioning with an emphasis on injury prevention.

Every time I have the opportunity to stand next to Brian I am always impressed… and that’s coming from someone who isn’t impressed by anyone…having trained many of the top CEO’s and Celebrities. Not many people have done the research and spent countless hours creating and implementing the correct teaching applications as Brian Grasso. I know this probably sounds like I am paying tribute to a great man…as I believe I am. Like Ghandi, Brians path with be paved with greatness through his actions. I applaud him and ask that you help him become the agent of change I already know he is.

Check out my IYCA Summit exclusive interview with my good friend Brian Grasso below.

Liz Donnelly says:

You guys are adorable! More people should be discussing meaningful topics instead of what’s new on American Idol or on ESPN. It’s refreshing to see two men being open with each other! (I’m not going to go any further than lest I send the wrong signal! 😉

Brian’s message is excellent as always. Great interview, Rocco!