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An awesome weekend in Portland, Oregon… Gyms and Pageants

By on March 31, 2009

made-in-oregonAlthough the weather did not cooperate the way I thought it would my weekend in Portland, Oregon was awesome.

First, I was able to visit one of my “Fitness Branding” clients George Comalli of Giants Gym in the Hollywood District of Portland.  His gym is incredible!

Giants Gym has a really cool mix of old school bodybuilding (without the assholes) and 21st century technology to give you a very comfortable feel and great workouts.  I have never seen a friendlier atmosphere…you’re even greeted by the gym mascot “Buddy” the bird.  I spoke to almost every member of the gym while I was there for 2 days and not one member had a bad thing to say about George or Giants Gym.  One thing that really stuck out in my mind was how friggin’ clean it was.  You just don’t get that type of clean in the “Big Box” gyms.

It was a huge contrast to the 24 Hour Fitness that was only 10 blocks away (barely).  Most of the people I talked to at 24 Hour Fitness actually hated working out there but were coerced by friends or spouses to join… now they regret it.  Most of who I talked to felt like a number and didn’t think the personal trainers knew what they were doing.  I couldn’t believe the contrast in customer service or attitude in the members.

The Oregon International Pageant

The Winners of the Oregon International Pageant

The Winners of the Oregon International Pageant

What a class act Lesley Nardini, executive director of the Oregon International Pageant, is.

Lesley asked me to train her winners so when they went to Nationals they would be in the best shape when they walked out on stage.  One of the Judges had to bail out and I was asked to judge since I was going to be there anyway to consult with the winners.  I have judged many pageants for all different systems including Miss USA and Miss America and this by far was one of the best experiences I had judging. Everyone related to the pageant was awesome to work with and made every effort to create a wonderful experience for the women participating in the pageant and the judges.

The crop of judges we had all bonded and we felt like we had known each other a longtime even though we had just met.  For all of you that missed out on either participating or watching you missed a great opportunity.

nii says:

Rocco the beauty queen judge.

If you judge American Idol. I would never
miss an episode plus I think you can make more
people cry than Simon. Glad you enjoyed your trip Roc

Liz Donnelly says:

Sounds like a great time, Rocco! I like that they give the winners vases to go with the flowers – how thoughtful!!