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Acai Berry Scammed!… call your State Attorney General

By on February 12, 2009

I have been getting hundreds of e-mails from people across the country and abroad telling me how they got scammed by all these websites that sell the Acai Berry Diet, Diet Cleanse and any combination of the two.

I have seen Google and other internet search engines take action against these Scam Artists, but I have yet to see any State Attorney General or State Government for that fact lift a finger to help protect the very citizens they serve.  Noooooooooooo… all they want to do is take…take…take, by trying to pass legislation to tax sugary beverages or ban gay marriage or let atheists declare a mockery of their State House.  I think it is about time the bureaucrats get off their asses and get to the bottom this.

Why hasn’t an investigation been established?  Millions are being skillfully stolen from people and no congressional hearings?

If you have been scammed by these websites write, call or visit your State Attorney General and make a claim to the FTC at and hopefully we can get the idiots that are behind these scams.

I saw the adds and heard about it from people that it was on opera, and I really thought I was just hype. Any type of med’s either don’t work for me or they do the opposite, so another X to what I thought about the Acai Berry pills. After a while I decided to try one of the free trial things. I got it and the cleanse, and at first I got really bloated but it went away the next day.3 days went by and I was shocked that I did indeed feel “better” and I had energy and I wasn’t as hungry (I always felt hungry and never full, even if I have had a lot to eat.). Its now been 11 days, and I am so freaking shocked, I lost a noticeable amount await and my once tight clothes are now comfortable or loose. My skin looks awesome as well, and I have been getting complements from family and friends about how clear and healthy my face looks. So far its the only product to win and get past my skepticalistic views.

Hoodia was a little too mysterious. When Oprah said she was taking it she was kind embarrassed. This time around Monavie lead the charge through Dr. Perricone and was on every major Network…and now the Russian Mob is in on it. Hoodia didn’t have the backing of the Russian Mob…just half wit scam artists.

Jim Labadie says:

Diet Acai Berry crap easier to sell than crack?! Ya know, I’m not surprised. What’s really nuts is SOO many main stream websites that get HUGE traffic have these ads all over them. It’s insane whats’ going on with this stuff. It’s way worse than the Hoodia nonsense of just a few years ago.