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A Treadmill Desk…Please let this be a joke

By on November 23, 2008

I could not believe my eyes when I read my google alerts…I thought it was a joke, but no.  This is a real desk created by Dr. James Levine,  a doctor from the Mayo Clinic.

Is this what it has come to?  Employees are now going to be walking at work for weight loss?  Did anyone tell Dr. Levine that the body adapts to stress very quickly.  So after the first eight hour day of walking you will have to walk eight and a half hours to expend the same amount of calories.  Or you can increase the intensity and of course you’ll be getting so much work done while jogging.

It’s not a bad idea I just don’t think it’s practical.  I could be wrong but I just don’t see a bunch of fat employees agreeing to walk on a treadmill all day at work. This is a link to the press release I received:

I would hate to see accidents like this one happening in the workplace

Jim Labadie says:

It is a hell of an entrepreneurial idea. And it would be very interesting to see the result if it actually caught on. I don’t think it would be a miracle cure, but maybe it’s a start. Plus, if I just walk and walk and walk my hammies get tight. Can’t imagine a severely overweight person who’s been sitting on their butt for years.

Mickey says:

I’m surprised that this is “news”. That guy was on 20/20/Dateline/60 Minutes/whatever a while ago. Basically, his belief is that prolonged sitting causes more storage of fat compared to moving around or even just standing.