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A Noted Authority in Strength and Conditioning

By on July 20, 2009

Pat Rigsby and Carlo Alvarez

Without a doubt the best strength coach in the nation has got to be Carlo Alvarez.  I know everyone who is “High Intensity Training” will freak out and say what about Dr. Ken Liestner, or Matt Brzycki, or Randy Berning, or Ken Mannie and of course Mickey Marrotti… and then I would tell you to shut the f@#k up because although each one of those people are great in their own right , Carlo Alvarez is the culmination of all that talent, knowledge and respect for the iron game all in one.

He is a man that has ultimately paid his dues and can show you the battle scars to prove it.

What I love about Carlo is that he is the most grounded person I have come across…he has a job to do and he does it. He takes the responsibility of shaping the bodies, minds and lives of young men very seriously. If it is taking St. Xavier to the championships or helping a young football player get the scholarship he so desperately needs to better his life potential…Carlo is there to see him follow through.

Although we came up through the same ranks and Carlo is 10 years younger than me, I have great respect for him, his accomplishments and what the future will bring this “Noted Authority in Strength and Conditioning”…although I believe him to be the “Best Strength Coach in America”.

Check out the video interview I did with Carlo below:

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Liz Donnelly says:

Carlo is a great man! You guys covered a lot of topics here. Thanks for the fantastic interview, Rocco!