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87 National Records…another one smashed, weighing in at 109 lbs

By on May 4, 2008

Some of you may know her by the moniker “Barbie Barbell”, a brand that is sure to skyrocket as she gets older, but beautiful 16 year old Amanda Harris is smashing national records like they were “free”. She’s a power lifting champion that has the grace and poise of a runway model and since she’s kicking the shit out of national records she’s decided to take “Figure” by storm. She was training for the past five months for a competition called “The Texas Shredder” and couldn’t squat for power (for obvious reasons) so she decided to only enter this past week’s APF Teen Nationals Bench Competition. Her usual power lifting competition weight is 119 lbs (I know, not the weight you would think for a power lifting champion)but she decided to enter it 10lbs lighter and crushed her first lift of 158.25 lbs, and easily hoisted 170.75 lbs for her second lift, and since that was way too light, she added another 11 lbs on just to make it interesting… she just missed locking out. Some naysayers may say she failed but both lifts were National records and she won her weight class. Not bad for someone who hasn’t even been to prom yet?

Back to “The Texas Shredder”, Amanda entered the Teen division and won. With her never-ending goals set to challenging herself, she entered the Women’s Class “A” which was the largest group of the competition and placed second. “My goal was to finish in the top 5 so I was very happy when they announced me in 2nd place. I was the only teen in that group and I finished in 2nd place, I was so happy”, stated Amanda in her MySpace journal.

I feel obligated to tell the world of this amazing young woman because she represents a generation that is often misguided, entitled and often lost in finding their own purpose in the world. So far from what I am witnessing Amanda Harris aka “Barbie Barbell” knows what she’s doing, where she’s going and living her dream. Thank you Amanda for giving us hope in the generation to come.

Amanda Harris aka “Barbie Barbell” doing my favorite exercise in the whole world for burning fat fast…Running Stadium Steps

Amanda Smashing a new Bench Press Record at the APF Nationals

carla says:

I **REALLY** hope my freaky strong Toddler Girl ends up a power lifter.

Ill let her choose for herself, but Id adore it.

for her and her self esteem.

NO ONE loves her bod more for what it can DO for her than a woman powerlifter.