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3 Specific Things to Start Losing Weight Now

By on November 22, 2010

Today’s podcast is about 3 specific things you can do right this second to start losing weight.  The average consumers food supply is chock full of processed foods that have fake sugars, fakes fats and fake nutrients… eating real will always be better than eating fake. There is no secret formula like everyone wants you to believe… but there are certain guidelines. Eating certain foods to help your metabolism, eliminate foods that suppress your metabolism and understanding each of them.

There is more to the story for efficient and more effective fat loss but this is a great starting point for you. I have come to realize that the easier you make the steps the easier it is for people to follow.  Not a hard concept to grasp.

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MCT (Medium Chain Trigliceride)… Here’s a response from Ray Peat, Ph. D via Eve LaBosco … “Metabolically, they are very good, but they can irritate the
intestine, so it’s important to watch for any effects that develop
after trying a small amount with food. Coconut oil is much safer for the intestine, I don’t think the MCT is
worth the bother unless someone is experimenting.” … just a little food for thought.

Alex says:

Thanks a lot Rocco.

No more high-fructose, soy and I’ll start taking coconut-oil…

Can’t wait to see if I notice any changes in my body.

Keep up the good work.

Dale says:

MCT (Medium Chain Trigliceride) oil is good too. John Parrillo got me taking that 20 years ago. It is actually fractionated coconut oil. Great stuff.